In-Between Cards - Correspondencia                 
In-Between Cards / Correspondencia- deck of cards with center cut-out and game.


In-Between Cards - Correspondencia

In-Between Cards are playing cards that use a new language created by making each traditional playing card suit "occupy" the space or shape of another suit. The outline resulting from the two figures interacting indicates the number on each card. The negative space that results from this creates a new shape, which becomes a new symbol and language.

There are eight new symbols (or suits), four rust and four teal, each with a different name that relates to aspects of a person's identity. Individual cards will also have another name and be called by their new suit, such as "5 of Ties" or "Jack of Fates." In the middle of each card is a hole in the shape of one of the new suits, which is a nod to the negative space that created these new symbols. The cards are divided into two decks of 4 suits each, so somebody can use them to play any traditional playing card game individually, or somebody can use them to play Correspondencia with both decks.

Correspondencia is a card game played with In-Between Cards, a set of 108 rust and teal cards of eight suits, plus four Jokers. Each suit represents a characteristic of a person's identity. The combination of number and suit corresponds to a word, and players try to form sentences that communicate something about themselves and are in dialog (answer or relate) to the other player's sentences. Every time a player lays down a sentence on the table, it will be written on paper so that when the game is over, a player can read it out loud in an order resembling an "exquisite corpse." The game ends when the stack is gone, and a single player has placed all their cards down. Game created in collaboration with Andrea Vidal Escabí.

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