Memory is a Photocopy (Special Edition)

Artist Book housed in an acrylic display. 9" x 14"
Consisting of a white copy paper ream with interspersed printed vellum pages.
50 pages.
Edition of 10.

This special edition of "Memory is a Photocopy" consists of a transparent acrylic display that houses the Artist Book. You can arrange the pages to create your version of the memory. With three openings, the three components of the memory (background, foreground, and frame) can be arranged as desired, even mixed and matched to be displayed.

"Memory is a Photocopy" is a project that explores the fascinating nature of memory and how the way our brain recalls experience is always determined by context.

It consists of a ream of copy paper. Memories of the movie "The Seven Year Itch" are printed on vellum sheets and interspersed among the white copy pages. The user can combine these pages as desired, creating different versions of each memory.

Because of the nature of this Special Edition material, you can see the effect of something that fades like memories, something that is not as sharp as it recedes to the back. You can also see how the framing changes the outlook of the content just like context does to memories when they are recalled.

This special edition is available for purchase at A W I N D O W and is on view at 57W57 ARTS in NYC.